Litter Pick postponed

Allenmore Litter Matters Event on 28th  March 2020 – NOW POSTPONED

 Organisers have taken the decision to postpone this event for several reasons:-

  • The coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is fast changing, but the health and safety of our residents is paramount.
  •  The ground is still saturated and many ditches remain full of water therefore impacting on safety and accessibility.
  • The number of volunteers available to help on the 28th March was very modest compared with last year.

We aim to rearrange this event later in the year – so watch this space.

As we now have a small supply of our own litter picking equipment, thanks to “Stop the Drops” long term loan facility as well as a kind donation from the Parish Council, we will be able to respond more quickly to any litter problems in our Village. This will ultimately help improve the environment for all of us so that Allensmore remains a great place to live.