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Recent news

Parish Council: The next parish Council meeting is on Thursday 22nd September 2022. The agenda will follow and the draft minutes of the previous meeting on 19th May 2022 are available here.

Broadband – a community project funded by a grant from Fastershire to provide high speed broadband to eligible properties in Allensmore has been started. If your property is eligible and you haven’t already expressed an interest you might wish to do so now. See below for more information

The Parish Council

The Parish Council meets every other month. For information about the membership, meetings and more go to Allensmore Parish Council

Neighbourhood Development Plan

The plan is an important way for local people to shape the way Allensmore develops over the years. It is now complete and was supported by 85% of residents at the referendum. It is now made and has been adopted by Herefordshire Council. For more information go to Allensmore NDP

Village News

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Local groups and information

To see more about the activities of local groups in the parish and for more information about what’s going on, go to Local groups and information.


Latest news: Fastershire have initiated a grant funded project to deliver high speed broadband to properties in Allensmore area that are currently inadequately served.

An online meeting was held to describe the project on 20th July, all eligible households should have received an invitation, either by letter or by email if they had previously registered an interest. The presentation is available here and a recording of the meeting can be accessed here.

At the time of the meeting 32 properties had expressed an interest of of the 74 eligible.

If sufficient (about 50) properties express an interest, Fastershire will create a quotation request for deployment of a high speed fibre solution directly to those properties. It is hoped to get this done by the first half of August. The four approved providers will invited to respond and Fastershire will review the proposal(s), ascertain that they do not exceed the £7,000 per property limit, verify that they are value for money and if more than one, recommend which to proceed with. Once the request for quote is submitted, it will not be possible to add further properties to the project.

At this point, those who have expressed an interest will be asked to commit to taking a service from that provider for a minimum term of 18 months. Depending on the provider chosen the costs will be from around £20 – £25 / month for speeds of around 150mbps or more. Once the provider has been selected, and before making the commitment, the exact current packages available and costs will be available.

For further information, please see the presentation above and/or go to www.fastershire.com or email Fastershire at grants@fastershire.com. Also, you can contact the community lead for the project, Tony Cramp at tony@janeeccles.co.uk.

If you wish to express an interest, please do so as soon as possible and in any case before 5th August the target date for preparing the quotation request.

To submit an Expression of Interest for the Fastershire Community Broadband Grant, please visit www.fastershire.com, enter your postcode into the address checker and then complete the expression of interest form.

If it goes ahead, this project will make a great improvement to our existing solutions and remove the difficulty that many have been struggling with to get the high speed, reliable service needed for home working, education, leisure and other everyday needs. If you think it is for you, please express your interest.

For more information see the Broadband section.