Allensmore Matters –Update

Road Safety and Footpath/Cycleway team (Wade Bostock, Barbara King, Simon Bounds, Tim Hancox)

As if we ever needed it, the fatal accident of a few weeks back only serves to remind what a potentially lethal serpent of a road the A465 is as it snakes through our parish. As more properties are built in the parish, vehicle movements increase and the risks grow. Justification for this to remain a priority initiative.

Since the last update in August the team met with Ian Connolly, Herefordshire’s senior Traffic Engineer, and average speed checks have been conducted by the Police on the A465 in the vicinity of the Village Hall. The outcome of these speed checks and the latest on attempts to get signage on the A465 improved will be reported back to the Parish Council meeting on the 28th of this month.

A footpath/cycleway along the A465 is not forgotten but remains a much longer-term objective

Residents’ security – Crime Prevention Evening 19th November

With the support of our Local Crime Support Officer, PCSO Carol Marsh, a Crime prevention evening was held in the Village Hall. Timothy Williams from West Mercia Police “We don’t buy Crime Initiative”, spoke on protecting your property by marking it with “Smart Water”. This is something that the police are encouraging parish councils to support and again there is an item on the agenda for the PC meeting on the 28th. There was unanimous support from those present on the 19th for the principle of using Smart Water.

Paul Crompton from the Office of Rural Crime also gave a very informative and entertaining talk on how to avoid being taken in by “cold callers” to the door or over the phone. Lots of tips on internet security were also given; improving password protection etc. All in an effort to stop the bad guys getting your money.

Just 15 residents attended the event so, given the importance of the subject and the vulnerability of, particularly the elderly and those in the parish who live alone, it may well be worth repeating the event.

Environmental group.

There will be another Litter Pick Day around the parish in the Spring. Date to be advised. If you are interested in improving our natural environment in other ways please contact Brigitte Ratcliffe.

Improving facilities at St Andrews.

The Parochial Church Council have set up a Re-ordering Project team. The Team; Nick Chapman, Janet Smith, Charles Watkinson, Brigitte Ratcliffe and Tim Hancox are looking at the options for: Renovating the Church Porch and providing a toilet, basic catering facilities and improving lighting and heating.

The team have already visited other churches in the Diocese that have completed similar projects and if you come along to the St Andrew’s Day celebratory event from 2pm to 4pm in the church next Saturday 30th November you should learn more about the progress being made. Next Saturday will also be your first opportunity to get your hands on the St Andrew’s 2020 Calendar.

Local History Group

Yvonne Chapman and others, continue to investigate aspects of local history and two very enjoyable and informative evenings have been held in the Village Hall in the last year. Any information, photos, postcards, etc, that might shed light on Allensmore’s past or provide material for future research, please talk to Yvonne.

Tim Hancox (24/11/2019)