Bag it and Bin it

bag it and bin it

The Parish Council has recently received a letter from one of our eight year old residents complaining that our lovely footpaths are being spoiled by dog mess. Our correspondent is rightly concerned that her little sister is being put at risk by this problem on our lanes. We commend our young writer for her citizenship but are disappointed that us grown-ups need reminding that, in our rural community, dog waste is not only dangerous and unpleasant for humans but also toxic to cattle and sheep. Under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act of 2014 it is an offence not to control your dog in public places and this includes picking up and safely disposing of any dog excrement.

Allensmore Parish Council have supported the consultation by Hereford Council to extend the Public Spaces Protection Order (Dog Control) element of the above legislation for a further three years. We have also acquired several posters from the NFU to put on some of the parish footpath signs. So, if you are out enjoying a walk round the parish with your dog, please make sure you …