St Andrews Church Morning Prayer service 23rd August

St Andrews

We are sorry that in the current Covid crisis it may be a little while before we can resume anything like our normal services, however…

Following the successful holding of the Benefice Morning Prayer service here on Sunday 26th July there will be a-

Service of Morning Prayer
10.30am Sunday 23rd August

It will again be a shortened version of our usual Morning Prayer service and on this occasion will be led by our Vicar – Hilary Morgan.

As in July this will be a service for the local Benefice Churches and all are welcome.

By following Covid precautions, social distancing and hand sanitizing we safely managed the 18 who attended last time and could safely accommodate double that number on 23rd. (Please bring face mask.)

If Covid 19 can be kept under control and we have no problems locally we hope to get back to our regular program of services at St Andrews before too long.