Cobhall Common surface water pipeline appeal

Parts of Cobhall Common are particularly badly affected by surface water flooding, with a number of households being flooded several times in the recent past.

Those whose families have lived on the Common for several generations report that the problem of surface water flooding is getting worse e.g. one of the properties flooded last winter had not done so in the previous 30 years.

We have a short window of opportunity to add an additional 12″ pipeline to alleviate the build up of surface water. The proposed underground pipeline would run between Murrayfield and Yew Tree Cottage and through the new building plots to the drainage ditch behind.

Cost of the new pipeline would be around £10,000. On their meeting on 8th November, the Parish Council agreed to contribute £3,000 to the scheme; residents are now determined to raise the remaining £7,000 in quick time!

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