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Recent news

Cobhall Common Flood Alleviation

Work completed – pipeline working!

Good News! Work on the new Cobhall Common pipeline is now complete (as at 7th April 2022) and we are pleased to report that water has been spotted flowing through it when it rained!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank residents for their magnificent response along with the several landowners affected and the Parish Council who supported the venture and donated £3,000 towards it.

For all the updates, please see http://appeal.allensmore.org.uk

Parish Council: The next parish Council meeting is on Thursday 19th May 2022. The agenda is here and the draft minutes of the previous meeting on 17th March 2022 are available here.

The Parish Council

The Parish Council meets every other month. For information about the membership, meetings and more go to Allensmore Parish Council

Neighbourhood Development Plan

The plan is an important way for local people to shape the way Allensmore develops over the years. It is now complete and was supported by 85% of residents at the referendum. It is now made and has been adopted by Herefordshire Council. For more information go to Allensmore NDP

Village News

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Local groups and information

To see more about the activities of local groups in the parish and for more information about what’s going on, go to Local groups and information.


Late in 2021, following Gigaclear’s inability to deliver the promised broadband rollout, Herefordshire Council and the Fastershire program decided to allow the company to abandon its plans for the south of the county and focus only on completing those in the north.

Whilst Fastershire has delivered superfast broadband for many in the parish it has left gaps particularly for properties on Green Farm Lane, Church Road and neighbouring parts of the A465.

This decision means they have again abandoned their long-awaited plans to deliver a solution for these properties.

Their current solution is to “put us forward for consideration by the government Gigabit project “ which aims to deliver very high speed broadband (1000 mbps) to 85% of properties, though we will again have to wait for these to come to fruit.

They also offer a digital household grant (www.fastershire.com/digital-household-grant) which provides an interim 4G based solution for those households which qualify. This is type of solution many of us have already installed.

There is also a Community Broadband scheme run by Fastershire which would appear to be appropriate for the unserved cluster here. Please go to the Fastershire website and check to see if your property is eligible, and if so, you may wish to register your interest. If enough people do so, we may be able to proceed with a Community Scheme.

See the briefing note for more details.

For more information see the Broadband section.