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This website is intended to be of use and interest to people living in and around the parish of Allensmore in South Herefordshire. It provides information about what’s going on, local groups, the Parish Council, the Church, local history and more.

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Recent news

Parish Council: The next parish Council meeting is on Thursday 18th July 2024 at 7.45pm. The agenda is here and the draft minutes of the meeting on 23rd May 2024 are available here.

The Parish Council

The Parish Council meets every other month. For information about the membership, meetings and more go to Allensmore Parish Council

Neighbourhood Development Plan

The plan is an important way for local people to shape the way Allensmore develops over the years. It is now complete and was supported by 85% of residents at the referendum. It is now made and has been adopted by Herefordshire Council. The final, adopted plan is available here and for more information go to Allensmore NDP

Village News

Go to Village News section

Local groups and information

To see more about the activities of local groups in the parish and for more information about what’s going on, go to Local groups and information.


Latest news: Fastershire have initiated a grant funded project to deliver high speed broadband to properties in Allensmore area that are currently inadequately served. See the Broadband section for more details.

Very disappointingly, none of the four potential suppliers have made a bid for the community broadband in Allensmore. This means that the project will not be proceeding. At least one of the suppliers explained that their resources are fully committed and they are not able to take on a further project. The target area will now be put forward for the national program, Project Gigabit.