NDP reports to Parish Council

The NDP Steering Group reports to the Parish Council. These reports were given verbally and in writing at the Parish Council meetings which are open to the public. See also Parish Council Meeting minutes.

15th May 2017Appointment of officersReport No 1
27th Jul 2017Appointment of consultants; launch event plans; finance planReport No 2
28th Sep 2017Launch event feedback; finance receivedReport No 3
23rd Nov 2017Issues and Options consultation planReport No 4
25th Jan 2018 Issues and Options consultation detailsReport No 5
23rd Mar 2018 Issues and Options consultation feedback; Call for Sites planReport No 6
24th May 2018Call for Sites feedback; independent assessors AECOM appointedReport No 7
26th Jul 2018 Call for Sites assessment progressReport No 8
21st Sep 2018 Call for Sites assessment progress Report No 9
22nd Nov 2018Call for Sites feedback: next stage planReport No 10
24th Jan 2019Preferred Options consultation feedbackReport No 11
21st Mar 2019 Preferred Options consultation sign-off; Regulation 14 planReport No 12
14th May 2019Regulation 14 consultation approvalReport No 13
25th Jul 2019Regulation 14 consultation feedback; Regulation 16 planReport No 14
19th Sep 2019Regulation 16 consultation approval Report No 15
28th Nov 2019 Regulation 16 consultation brief verbal report back
23rd Jan 2020Regulation 16 consultation completed and move to examinationReport No 16
13th Mar 2020Examination completedReport No 17