NDP Referendum result – a resounding YES!

Result of referendum

The referendum on Thursday 6th May 2021 showed strong support for the Neighbourhood Development Plan with 85% (157 people) voting “Yes” and 15% (28 people) voting “No”.

So a large majority of the almost 40% of residents who voted were in favour of the plan.

This means that Herefordshire Council will now be using the NDP to help when deciding on planning applications.

It provides important additional criteria for a development to be accepted by Herefordshire Council Planners, better reflecting the wishes of residents.

The official declaration notice of the result can be downloaded from the Herefordshire council website here: Declaration of result of poll Allensmore neighbourhood planning referendum (herefordshire.gov.uk) and the final NDP plan can be downloaded from here: Allensmore Neighbourhood Plan April 2020.

The NDP Steering group and the Parish Council are very grateful for the help the residents have provided during the development of the plan and for the support shown at the referendum.

Nick Chapman – NDP Steering group chair
Tony Cramp – Parish Council chair