NDP Call for Sites – April 2018


Allensmore Parish Council wishes to announce a Call for Sites for its Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

We would like to identify land which has potential for new housing up to 2031. The results of the Issues and Options Consultation indicated that a number of smaller sites would be preferred to a single large site and therefore we particularly welcome submissions for small sites (single dwellings or small scale developments of 2-3 dwellings). Overall the NDP is required to support housing growth of at least 12 new dwellings over the plan period – up to 2031.

Land must be within our Neighbourhood Area which includes the settlements of Winnal, Allensmore, Cobhall Common and other small settlement pockets. You can see a plan of the Area on the Neighbourhood Development Plan here.

Anyone with land which meets the description above and who would like it to be considered within the Plan, is asked to submit an application. Please do so using the Site Submission Form (word document) or Site Submission Form (pdf document) and providing a clear site plan with the site boundary marked in red. (You may find the map available on the Herefordshire Council website useful. See here ) This will give us the information we need to make sure your site is properly assessed.

Please send your completed Site Submission Form to Mrs A M Wright, the Clerk to Allensmore Parish Council, Longfield House, Kingstone, Herefordshire, HR2 9NE or email to clerk@allensmore.org.uk to be received by 8th April 2018.

If you have a site which has been or is currently the subject of a planning application, we would also like you to complete a submission so that your site can be assessed and considered along with any other new submitted sites.

All submitted sites will be subjected to an independent technical site assessment process and measured against the policies being developed for the NDP. Preferred Option Sites will be identified for possible inclusion as proposed housing site allocations in the next draft of the NDP and subject to further community consultation in the spring / summer 2018.


The call for sites process has now ended.

As part of preparing the Allensmore Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), the steering group undertook a “Call for Sites” during March and April 2018 on behalf of the Parish Council. A total of 18 sites were submitted. A further 5 sites have since been received and advice from our consultants is to accept them as the site assessment process has not yet commenced.

We have now received confirmation of the grant to cover the cost of independent technical assessments on all 23 submitted sites and AECOM have been appointed for this task. When this has been done, further evaluation will take place against the draft policies being developed in the NDP. With all this still to do, we cannot give you any firm indication of how soon this will all take place. Please be aware that some of the sites may turn out to be unsuitable, and it is likely that not all will be required for the NDP to meet the Herefordshire Council’s growth target of 12 or more new houses by the end of the plan period in 2031.

Following a request for information from residents at the steering group meeting on 16th April, we have agreed to publish this map of our designated area with the submitted sites marked by blue outlines. Please note these are approximate positions, sizes and shapes; also the submissions are only preliminary, with no commitment about the number and type of housing at this stage. The map below has been updated to show all 23 sites.

Further details of the sites and the results of the assessments will be published for consultation with everyone in Allensmore in the next draft of the NDP later this year. This will give everyone the opportunity to comment on the proposed sites.
In the meantime, and until the consultation is published, the steering group cannot make any further comment or enter into any discussions about individual sites.

Results: See here for a revised map of the sites submitted (updated June 2018)

The full AECOM Site Assessment Report can be downloaded from here.