Parish Council meetings

Parish Council meetings take place every second month in Pateshall Village hall, usually on a Thursday at 7.45pm. The agenda will be published seven days before the meeting. Members of the public are welcome to attend, and each meeting will have an open session for people to raise any issue they choose.

The following shows the past and planned Parish Council meetings together with the agenda and minutes.

Date Time Agenda Minutes
21st November 20247.45pmTo followTo follow
19th September 20247.45pmTo followTo follow
18th July 20247.45pmTo followTo follow
23rd May 20247.45pmTo followTo follow
Next meeting:
21st March 2024
7.45pmAgendaTo follow
18th January 20247.45pmAgendaDraft minutes
16th November 20237.45pmAgendaMinutes
21st September 20237.45pmAgendaMinutes
20th July 20237.45pmAgendaMinutes
18th May 20237.45pmAgendaMinutes
16th March 20237.45pmAgendaMinutes
19th January 20237.45pmAgendaMinutes
17th November 20227.45pmAgendaMinutes
29th September 20227.30pmAgendaMinutes
21st July 20227.30pmAgendaMinutes
19th May 20227.30pmAgendaMinutes
17th March 20227.30pmAgendaMinutes
13th January 20227.30pmAgendaMinutes
8th November 2021 -Note change8.15AgendaMinutes
16th September 20217.30pmAgendaMinutes
22nd July 20217.30pmAgendaMinutes
20th May 20217.30pmAgendaMinutes
18th March 2021
(Zoom only)
21st January 2021
(Zoom only)
19th November 2020
(Zoom only)
7.30pm AgendaMinutes
17th September 2020 7.30pm AgendaMinutes
21st July 2020 7.30pm Agenda Minutes
21st May 2020 7.30pm Cancelled
13th March 2020 8pm Agenda Minutes
23rd January 2020 8pm Agenda Minutes
28th November 2019 8pm Agenda Minutes
19th September 2019 8pm Agenda Minutes
25th July 2019 8pm Agenda Minutes
14th May 2019 7.30pm Agenda Minutes
21st March 2019 8pm Agenda Minutes
14th January 2019 8pm Agenda Minutes
22nd November 2018 8pm Agenda Minutes
21st September 2018 8pm Agenda Minutes
26th July 2018 8pm Agenda Minutes
24th May 2018 7.30pm Agenda Minutes
22nd March 2018 8pm Agenda Minutes
25th January 2018 8pm Agenda Minutes
23rd November 2017 8pm Agenda Minutes
28th September 2017 8pm Agenda Minutes
27th July 2017 8pm Agenda Minutes
25th May 2017 7.30pm Agenda Minutes
23rd March 2017 8pm Agenda Minutes
26th January 2017 8pm Agenda Minutes
24th November 2016 8pm Agenda Minutes
22nd September 2016 8pm Agenda Minutes
28th July 2016 8pm Agenda Minutes
26th May 2016 7.30pm Agenda Minutes
24th March 2016 8pm Agenda Minutes
28th January 2016 8pm Agenda Minutes
26th November 2015 8pm Agenda Minutes
24th September 2015 8pm Agenda Minutes
Extraordinary meeting re Broadband:
21st August 2015
12 noon Agenda Minutes
30th July 2015 8pm Agenda Minutes
28th May 2015 7.30pm Agenda Minutes
26th March 2015 8pm Agenda Minutes
22nd January 2015 8pm Agenda Minutes
20th November 2014 8pm Minutes
25th September 2014 8pm Minutes
14th July 2014 8pm Minutes
15th May 2014 7.30pm Minutes
27th March 2014 8pm Minutes
23rd January 2014 8pm Minutes
7th November 2013 8pm Minutes
19th September 2013 8pm Minutes
23rd May 2013 7.30pm Minutes
21st March 2013 8pm Minutes
31st January 2013 8pm Minutes
1st November 2012 8pm Minutes
23rd August 2012 8pm Minutes
31st May 2012 7.30pm Minutes
29th March 2012 8pm Minutes
26th January 2012 8pm Minutes
15th November 2011 8pm Minutes
27th October 2011 8pm Minutes
25th August 2011 8pm Minutes
18th May 2011 7.30pm Minutes
4th April 2011 8pm Minutes