The Golden Valley Repair Café

The Golden Valley Repair Café is pleased to announce its Second session to be held at St Faith’s Church, Dorstone on Saturday 2nd September from 10am to 12.30pm.

We will have repairers who can mend:

  • small electrical appliances (toasters, kettles, radios, etc)
  • Bicycles (loose chains, brakes, etc)
  • clothing (knee & elbow patches, tears, etc)
  • small wooden items (drawers, chairs, stools, etc.)
  • Knife and small tool sharpening            

The Cafe will be open to serve tea, coffee, cold drinks, Cakes & biscuits.

If you have something you would like repaired please book a time slot by e-mail to or call Bill Giles on 07967 910666.

Please tell us what you are bringing to be repaired and what is wrong with the item and we will book you a time to see a repairer. If you just turn up on the morning we will do our very best to get you to see a repairer, but that may not be possible

Alternatively, why not come along for a drink and a bite to eat and see what goes on in a Repair Café.  Your support will help to make our session go with a swing.

Don’t worry if you can’t make this session, we will be running a Repair Café on the first Saturday of each month. On October 7th we will be in Kingstone Church and on November 4th we will be in Ewyas Harold.

So look out for us and save your broken items for repair, don’t just throw them away!