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The following meetings of the Neighbourhood Development Plan steering group are currently scheduled.
They will all take place in Pateshall Hall in Allensmore from 8pm to 10pm, and, apart from the first two, are on the third Monday of the month.

24th April 2017
22nd May 2017
19th June 2017
17th July 2017
29th July 2017
Drop in launch event. Village Hall from 10am -3pm
21st August 2017
18th September 2017
16th October 2017
20th November 2017
18th December 2017
NOTE Change of date and venue
11th January 2018 Thursday - at St Andrew's Church
28th January 2018 - Village Hall 2-4pm
Note change of date.
Thursday 22nd February 2018 (was 19th Feb)
19th March 2018
16th April 2018
21st May 2018
18th June 2018
Cancelled due to delays with the site assessments

16th July 2018
20th August 2018
17th September 2018
Cancelled due to delays in the site assessment report
15th October 2018
19th November 2018
17th December 2018
21st January 2019
Drop in event for Preferred options plan consultation
18th February 2019
18th March 2019
15th April 2019
13th May 2019 - Note change of date (was 20th May)
17th June 2019
15th July 2019
19th August 2019
16th September 2019
Regulation 16 tasks and consultations are being progressed by Herefordshire Council. The steering group meetings are suspended until required.
21st October 2019
18th November 2019
16th December 2019